Prepar3D v2.5 *Development Update*

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Prepar3D v2.5 *Development Update*

Beitrag von streichholz » 21.01.2015 19:38

LM arbeitet fleißig an der v2.5. Wie man auf folgenden Beitrag schließen kann, dauert es wohl nicht mehr all zu lange, bis das Update dann auch erscheint. :)
Spoiler: show
Requested Features and Enhancements Implemented in Prepar3D v2.5
We are currently finishing development on the first update to Prepar3D v2 for 2015, Prepar3D v2.5. This version has several rendering and performance updates, a few general platform updates, and a pretty substantial update to SimDirector, Prepar3D’s intelligent tutor, virtual instructor, and scenario generation tool.
We wanted to thank our development community, and especially our forum moderators Rob and Saul, for your continuous feedback and effort to help make Prepar3D v2 the industry leader in flight simulation and virtual instruction.
We will be seeding a beta of v2.5 to our beta team this week, and once we are satisfied with v2.5 we will then release the update.

General Platform Updates
Fixed a crash that would occur if licensing check on startup failed
Fixed a bug where thumbnail images for missions and aircraft were not matching up properly
Renamed missions to reflect their content
Restructured path configuration files

Rendering and Performance Updates
Added post process for night vision that includes bloom
Added a light scalar to camera so that NVG cameras can have a brighter scene
Added a configuration option to the Prepar3D.cfg and Camera Definitions that allows cameras to share a single terrain view
Added an option to specify whether or not a panel should write alpha when rendering into a texture
Improved long range sensor capabilities by allowing plugins to set the scenery load origin for a camera independent of its location
Fixed a bug that would prevent the HideAircraft flag from hiding aircraft attached effects
Fixed a bug that would cause all extrusion effects to draw with a visible sawtooth pattern
Fixed a bug where the exclude VC panels sensor setting was not working as intended
Fixed issue that caused clouds to face vertically
Fixed out of memory issues with the Load Flight Screen
Fixed an issue that would prevent effects from visually displaying if the effect was at a low level of detail distance
Fixed issues with shaders failing to compile if material is created without setting a specular map
Fixed an issue that would cause some aircraft to load with the engines turned off

SimDirector Updates
Added an Undo feature in SimDirector. Undo allows a user to undo and redo most actions in their mission. A history window provides visual feedback of what actions have been done
Added a Measure Tool to SimDirector. This allows the user to measure distances in several different unit types.
Added a setting that allows the user choose whether or not they would like to load their mission in Prepar3D after closing SimDirector
Added the ability to preview actions from the visualization window in Preview Mode in SimDirector
Added an option for hiding icons and bounding boxes in SimDirector
Added catalog preview into the catalog and created object preview
Added ability to edit mission while in Preview Mode
Added a setting that allows the user to filter object references by group
Added the ability to copy values from the condition editor
Added better error handling and error reports for mission Mission Briefing files
Added a unit converter to several distance related properties
Added the ability to read friendly names for third party models
Added option to set whether SimDirector controls or Prepar3D controls have precedence when hovered over the Prepar3D window in Virtual Instructor, Flight Instructor, and Preview Mode
Fixed a bug where saving scenario alters camera orientation
Fixed bugs dealing with multiple item selects.
Fixed bug that effected saving properly observation profiles
Fixed a bug that would prevent the file name from updating and saving properly in different modes
Fixed a bug that would prevent pop-up windows from scrolling through all the options
Fixed a bug that would prevent the context menu in the logic editor from opening properly when using non-standard DPI settings
Fixed a bug that would remove referencing of an ownship if the ownship aircraft was changed
Fixed a bug that would prevent multiple external properties from updating in monitoring
Fixed a bug that would cause issues with loading missions located in Program Files
Fixed a bug that would prevent visual model from updating orientation changes reflected in the property grid
Fixed a bug that would prevent catalog friendly names from loading properly
Fixed a bug that would prevent single row text box to extend scrolling with the cursor
Fixed a bug that would cause backstage to hang when clicking the arrow
Fixed a bug that would prevent property observation profiles from saving
Fixed a bug that would prevent build object list from increasing the count
Fixed a bug that caused bulk lasso selection to not appear as one selection
Fixed a bug that would not progress the object list count
Fixed a bug that would prevent visibility from resetting when toggling the weather on/off
Fixed issues with broken timer validation check
Fixed an issue where object preview would not display mobile scenery
Fixed an issue where mission menu windows would close prematurely
Fixed issues with Virtual Instruction recording while in inner group visualization
Fixed SimDirector window sizing issues
Fixed an issue that prevented Mission Preview from re-enabling the user interface
Fixed issues with search boxes in SimDirector. All search boxes now search for any part of search phrase
Fixed issues with selecting actions inside of a Virtual Instructor session
Fixed issues with observer look-at and look-at-ground functionality
Fixed issues with monitoring in Virtual Instructor mode
Fixed issues that would cause the Preview window to stop working
Fixed issues that would cause a slow down when dragging objects around in SimDirector
Fixed an issue where the Preview Window would cause crash when resetting scenarios
Fixed issues with waypoints being placed too close to each other or other objects
Fixed issues with mouse cursor state not changing as expected
Fixed issues that would cause crashes if user sim was null
Enhanced translate, rotate, and scale gizmos
Enhanced speed of object selection from validation window
Enhanced speed of switching between viewer sim and vehicle
Enhanced drag and drop feature in SimDirector
Enhanced preview subset feature in Preview Mode

SDK and SimConnect Updates
Added ability to manipulate visual effects during runtime through the PDK interface
Added ability to retrieve attach point data via SimConnect
Updated documentation regarding supported pylons, objects, and their interactions
Added scenery load origin settings to camera definitions and PDK development

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Re: Prepar3D v2.5 *Development Update*

Beitrag von Aimoisinthehous » 21.01.2015 20:55

Juhu : Fixed issue that caused clouds to face vertically

Das nervt mich gerade sehr...
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